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Auction 88 / Antique Arms & Militaria

Auction 88 / Antique Arms & Militaria

Viale Brigate Partigiane, 136R - Genoa


11th - 18th December 2017 (excl. Saturdays & Sundays)
Times: 9:00 AM-1:00 PM / 2:00-6:00 PM


19th December 2017 at 3:00 PM

Prestigious Christmas Auction at San Giorgio Auction House!

On Tuesday 19th December at 3:00 pm, a fascinating group of antique arms will up for sale on our premises. Of great note and worthy of attention is a pair of Brescian wheel-lock pistols from circa 1600 and a wheel-lock carbine that was elegantly made for a young boy, given its dimensions. Extremely important cases of duelling pistols by “Gastine Renette”, Lefaucheux revolvers, pairs of flintlocks and a rare set of duelling pistols in the manner of the gunsmith, Pottet will also be auctioned. Other significant items include a very important Caucasian pistol and a small and rare transition flintlock pistol, probably of Sicilian origin, folding knives, important hunting daggers, American revolvers, military pistols, guns, finely-made sabres, antique swords and an extremely rare Hispanic-Portuguese flintlock of superb workmanship.

We take this opportunity to wish all our clients a very Happy Christmas and New Year!

A Hussar's sabre - Northern Italy, Cisalpine Republic, circa 1790

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