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Lot n. 0848

An important pair of flintlock pistols

Romagna, Papal States, early 19th century

L. 40,5 cm.
€ 5000,00 / 7000,00
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Round circa 15mm calibre barrels surmounted by a broad rib incised with foliage and cannelured about the breech, Florentine-type locks are finely decorated with foliage, figures and vegetal motifs, dragons, lunar faces and carved arch motifs, the inside of both plates are marked "S. Z. 1827" (Stefano Zanotti active in Lugo di Romagna, other weapons by this gunsmith are not recorded (Bibliography: Nolfo di Carpegna: Brescian Firearms - Bruno Barbiroli: Repertorio Storico degli Archibugiari Italiani dal Sec. XIV al XX). Steel mounts are finely chiselled and decorated with foliage, female busts, pierced motifs, dragons and lunar faces, grooved butt plates are also finely incised, walnut burr stocks are magisterially carved in a clearly Tuscan-Emilian style, original ramrods. Rare and in excellent condition, minor defects.

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